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We got the news from Bor that on the occasion of signing the new collective agreement the management of the company „Zijin copper Bor” plans to cancel numerous extra payments and thus considerably decrease workers’ monthly salaries. The company’s “offer” was assessed by the unions as “indecent and unacceptable”. Majority owner of the Bor company is the Chinese corporation „Zijin“, with 63% of ownership, while the remaining 37% are owned by the Serbian Government.
Management suggests that the annual leave should be 28 working days at most, the paid leave up to five days and paid leave for voluntary blood donors two, instead of five working days. Basic salary should no longer be based on the coefficients of the work place, whose value was determined according to the type and level of education, job complexity, responsibility and working conditions, nor the agreed per hour wage would follow the increase of the national per hour minimum wage, as it was suggested by a decision of the Social and Economic Council of Serbia.
Extra payments would be reduced to the legal minimum, even when one has to work on state and religious holiday or Miners’ Day (from 150% down to 110%) and from 35% down to 26%, when working at night or overtime. It has also been suggested that the payment for the years of service should be reduced by 63.77% and the severance pay to two, instead of three average wages. Jubilee prizes would disappear and the gift for a newborn, that once equalled three average net salaries, would be turned into a simple 60,000 dinars (508 euros) solidarity aid. Employees’ participation in the company’s profit would also be abolished.
Workers are worried about the possible changes and ready to support the unions in the fight for their rights, which the investors, regardless of the country of their origin, are always ready to limit or even cancel.


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