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CATUS Has a New Member – Iron Regiment

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Trade Union Iron Regiment joined Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia.

The agreement on affiliation to the CATUS was signed in Vrnjačka Banja by the CATUS Council Secretary, Zoran Mihajlović and the President of the trade union Iron Regiment, Ljubiša Milošević.

That way CATUS got another member which, for the time being, has 1,500 members, employed in the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces.

Established in 2018, trade union Iron Regiment, with the headquarters in Prokuplje, was named after the Second Infantry Regiment ‘Knjaz Mihajlo’, famous for its nickname ‘Iron Regiment’ and consisting of soldiers fighting in the wars from 1912 to 1918. The regiment became well known for its bravery, stamina and strong fighting spirit in liberation wars and it amazed all allied armies, their commanders, governments and people with its heroism.


Its slogan ‘If you dare – you can’, trade union Iron Regiment fights to provide its members with better rights, higher standard, better working and living conditions.

Congratulating them for being a CATUS member, Zoran Mihajlović pointed out that the CATUS would invest efforts so that the trade union would become representative in the Serbian Army and the Ministry of Defence as soon as possible.

‘I expect that now, when you have become a part of the CATUS, you will be much stronger and more successful, and contribute to the largest trade union confederation in Serbia becoming even larger and stronger’, concluded Mihajlović.


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