On the occasion of the protest of the Association of Workers on Internet, scheduled on January 16, 2021, the CATUS issued the following statement:
“We extend our support to all workers who have been courageously acquiring their knowledge and work experience in the tough global competition over Internet. Being exposed to everyday competition from around the world, they have been supporting their family members and themselves, while contributing to the resources and reputation of the Republic of Serbia.
Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia has always been advocating for the realization of all workers’ rights. At the time of industrial revolution 4.0, especially now during the corona virus pandemic when digitalization of business and work from home are omnipresent, we have to follow current trends and contributе to social dialogue in non-standard forms of work. For the delayed charge of up to 80% of Internet workers’ overall income earned for the past five years, cannot exclusively be blamed the workers, who earned their income at the time of high general unemployment and restricted employment in the public sector. We think it is not fair to impose such humiliating taxes to those who found a way to secure their existence without leaving the country.
Therefore, we again demand from the Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Serbia to determine the taxes for these workers justly and determine the way to protect their labour and social rights through social dialogue and participation of the Association of Workers on Internet.
A good news is that Prime Minister Brnabic accepted to start negotiations with representatives of the Association soon.


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