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Dialogue as the only way of solving problems

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At the meeting with the representatives of the Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia (CATUS), Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić suggested that immediately after the consultations with the Social-Economic Council trade unions should launch initiatives on the minimum wage and pay increase, as well as the amendments to legal provisions, so that trade union representatives in companies and institutions could be more protected.

At the meeting, held in the Government building and scheduled at the request of the largest trade union confederation in Serbia, pressing issues that workers encounter, as well as ways of overcoming them, were discussed.

CATUS Delegation, made of presidents of federations covering public and real sector, was led by the CATUS President Ljubisav Orbović, and Serbian Government  by the PM, Finance Minister and Labour Minister, Siniša Mali and Nikola Selaković.

President Ljubisav Orbović pointed out to the problem of salaries which, despite the evident increase, can’t considerably affect workers’ standard and reach inflation rate rise. He also mentioned the necessity to renegotiate, in line with the Labour Law, on minimum wage amount, whose increase had already been annulled by the inflation at the time.

Orbović called the attention to the inadequate attitude of certain employers towards trade unions and their representatives, and the fact that more and more employers established their own unions.

Having listed, primarily, low salaries, lack of social dialogue and non-existence of collective agreements as main causes of employees’ dissatisfaction, presidents of federations decribed problems in their sectors.

PM and the ministers showed their understanding for all problems that employees and trade unions face and promised they would as soon as possible look for solutions in employees’ interest.

Both PM and CATUS President underlined that dialogue is the only and the best way of solving all problems and through agreement and initiatives the best solutions would be found.

Also, Brnabić stressed that she would personally make sure that the ministers are present and active at Social-Economic Council sessions, so that the work of this body could be more efficient.


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