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New state aid package for the economy and citizens which is supposed to alleviate the consequences caused by the pandemic will also include the unemployed, announced by ‘Večernje novosti’.
As we have found out, this vulnerable category of citizens will receive a certain sum while the Government of the Republic of Serbia is intensively working in order to define proposals and decide on the amount which will be allocated for this purpose.
Regarding support for citizens, which last year amounted to 100 euros for all those who agreed to it, Finance Minister Siniša Mali said they would consider it if it proved to be necessary.
Certain experts deny this measure because they think money should be spent purposefully to help the most vulnerable categories of population.
By the middle of February new aid package will be defined. According to the announcements, support for the economy at large is being considered. This means that 1,05 million employees could get a half of minimum wage two or three times, in other words 32,000 – 48,000 dinars.
As it was announced, throughout the year new package of measures will also include the support for the oldest citizens. Economy will continue to be credited through the guarantee scheme


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