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More informed workers are – less their rights are violated!
Research shows that labour rights are closely connected to the violation of rights and active struggle for rights.
Workers are relatively passive when it comes to looking for and checking information on labour rights while they are more active when they think their rights are violated or when they are not sure which rights they have. Most often they search information about basic rights, such as annual leave, salary, working hours and other rights, and the most rarely about trade union organization and right to strike.
They usually do not recognize injustice. Very often they are not aware of their submissive position and don’t believe that change is possible.
Timely and regular information, as well as raising the awareness on positive outcome and influence of trade union work and struggle, are important in debunking those prejudices and improving labour rights in general.
Having in mind the research, trade union members are better informed about their rights; they know the value of information and where trade union is active; violations of labour rights are more rare and workers are more inclined to fight for their rights. Taking this into account, trade union role is huge.
That is why Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia will realize an international project through which it will improve the dissemination of information and persist in its efforts to educate and raise the awareness of the importance of trade union organization and its role, as well as the importance of being informed about the rights.
We think that on this way it is necessary to better disseminate inside information that will serve to form data base, modern internet portal and mobile application ‘e-trade union’, which will bring members closer to the Confederation and all other levels of trade union organization.
Thanks to digitalization just with ‘a single click’ each member will be able to reach all necessary laws, regulations and initiatives which trade unions send to the government, employers and local self-governments, as well as all necessary documents and decisions that are important for trade union organization and its members.
‘Trade Union Academy’ is a part of the project through which members will be educated on numerous topics. Work of the Academy will result in the manual on collective bargaining and social dialogue.
What’s more, digitalization will strengthen the presence of the CATUS on social media. We will become more active and closer to our members.
Through social networks we will present new applications, e-trade union and ‘Labour Rights for You’, the last one being suitable not only for the young finishing secondary schools or university studies and entering labour market, but also those with work experience who want to additionally consolidate their knowledge.
When workers know their rights, the first precondition of the change has been fulfilled.
We wish to stir up members’ wish to be more active and give personal contribution to the improvement of workers’ rights and position.
This way trade union becomes closer to everyone regardless of the membership status and ‘jumps over’ physical distance.
By providing information we contribute to democratisation and dissemination of knowledge to all workers about their rights and possibilities of activism, approaching them to trade union organizations, affiliation and activism.


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