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Workers in FCA Serbia were offered to apply to work for a year in a Slovakian factory Trnava where Peugeot 208 and Citroen C3 are produced. Company “Stellantis”, which besides Fiat includes several globally known automobile producers, offered workers from the factory in Kragujevac to acquire work experience in Slovakia.
They were offered the same salary as the workers in Slovakia, but also a bonus upon arrival and departure. At the moment registration is under way and allegedly it is voluntary. The offer stands for the total of 400 workers.
It is unclear what happens to a former giant in the automobile industry – from the announcement of a new model which would be made in the factory in Serbia to the point that our workers are now sent to work in Slovakia.
Does it mean that the production in Serbia is shutting down?
Is Fiat transforming from a giant and promoter of economy in our country into an employment agency?
The question is whether the Government of Serbia, which is the owner of 33% of factory’s shares, knows about this?
Maybe answers to these questions that the Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia insists on will be given in the days to come!


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