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In the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia they are of the opinion that the country will benefit from West European investors’ plans to safeguard their supply chains by transferring production from non-European countries to Europe. Because of their comparative advantages, the West Balkan markets might be of special interest for them.
Generally speaking, the investments in Serbia have not fallen down to a level which might cause anxiety. In a Chamber’s recent research, 72% of the companies confirmed they managed to keep their investment at the same level as before or had invested even more than in the past, 56% were still planning to invest in the third quarter and 65% intended to invest more than in the second quarter. Especially optimistic seems the fact that 94% of them do not expect a serious growth of unemployment in the recent future.
The need for work force varies according to sectors. Manufacturing industries still look for mechanical and civil engineers, lock-smiths, welders and construction workers. Curiously, the number of demands and offers has remained almost the same during the crisis. What is particularly interesting is a passionate search for hair-dressers, specialists for dog-trimming, beauticians, plumbers, electricians and house painters.
Additionally alarming is the return from abroad of 350,000 redundant Serbian workers who lost their jobs there, temporarily or permanently. Many are eagerly awaiting positive news from their earlier employers and are ready to go back to work, but some are more realistic and see their future in Serbia. They have intention to stay and look for job here, which might bring additional headache to our economic planners.


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