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Isabelle Schomann: Serbia’s membership in the EU would strengthen workers’ rights

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In the interview for the CATUS website, Isabelle Schomann, Confederal Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), stated that Serbia’s membership in the European Union would strengthen Europe, thus improving labour rights and fight against social dumping. This way, trade unions would be able to negotiate for higher salaries and better working conditions for the benefit of all Serbian workers.
“For the past half a century the ETUC contributed considerably to the solidarity and unity of trade union movement in Europe. Throughout that process we achieved great results in the protection of workers, popularizing and strengthening trade union”, underlined Confederal Secretary.
As Mrs. Schomann pointed out, basic instruments that the ETUC used in the struggle were collective bargaining and the right to strike, improvement and strengthening individual and collective rights and implementation of democracy at work.
Asked whether trade unions were fighting the same battles as the ones at the beginning of the 20th century, Isabelle Schomann explained that the goal stayed the same – protection of workers.
“However, we adjusted to the social development and global political circumstances, so we also included migrant-workers in the struggle. We adapted to the new work places and we now organize workers on platforms”.
According to what she says, trade unions adapt to the current situation and need to embrace the changes.
“That is why I can freely say that we are the trade unions of the 21st century”, pointed out Schomann.


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