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Guide on Risk Management Strategies through Employee Involvement Presented

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The last workshop, within the project *New Normal, *was organised on September 15. 2022. The Project was aimed at equipping both employers and employees with new strategies in the time of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
From employees’ perspective, constant communication with the employer needs to exist so that work process could function unhindered. Involving trade union in the information-consultation process has proven to be extremely useful in building company’s resilience.
Although the case of company YURA stands out as negative, there were some positive examples where the employer immediately accepted trade union’s proposal regarding safe working conditions. That’s the case of water producer Knjaz Miloš.
In conclusion, communication is vital for the survival and prosperity of each company and it needs to develop consistently.
The worshop was organized by the CATUS and Serbian Employers’ Association with the financial help of the EU.


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