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CATUS and TUC NEZAVISNOST are presenting the contents of the consumer basket to the public

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For the first time in Serbia, Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia and TUC NEZAVISNOST will present the contents of the minimum consumer basket and the exact amount of groceries that can be bought with the minimum wage.

That way all absurdity and nonsense of its contents and its amount prescribed by the state will be practically shown, as well as its value that cannot be covered by the minimum wage that almost a quarter of employees in Serbia live of.

At the public session of the highest bodies of the two representative trade union confederations, in front of the Palace of Serbia, where social partners are trying to reach consensus on the minimum labour cost, it will be pointed out to the need to increase the minimum wage that one can actually live of, not merely survive.

All the groceries from the consumer basket, such as a can of sardines, a kilo of rice, 200 grams of liver and lemons, as much as it is envisaged for a three-member family for a month, as well as a notebook and a half for the needs of a pupil, will be on display at one place.

That way the public, but primarily representatives of the authorities and employers, will be able to estimate whether 14%, as much as the state has ‘proposed’ for the minimum wage increase, is enough to cover the value of the minimum consumer basket and whether citizens of Serbia can live of it decently.

After the public session, the groceries will be donated to soup kitchen.
Public session will be held on *Tuesday, September 13, 2022 in Belgrade, in front of the Palace of Serbia, East Wing, beginning at 10 a.m. *


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