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According to the instructions given by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia, students should avoid direct contact in their school activities and follow lessons in real time over a selected learning system (platform) or some other electronic communication channels and programs.
However, Teachers’ Trade Union of Serbia needs to draw public’s attention to the fact that there are principals who haven’t been able to provide students with the possibility to follow lessons in real time. Due to this, they order teachers to do the same job online once again for the students who are in isolation. What’s more, the order is issued without any justification and duration of overtime work and respective pay rise, which is contrary to the existing regulations.
This way, teachers who are assigned to do this have to do the same job twice in a day in the following manner: realize classes of 45 minutes with students who go to school and afterwards do the same job online with students who are not able to be present in school.
This problem needs to be solved, but not to teachers’ detriment. Consequently, we propose that these situations are resolved by organising online lessons for students in isolation exclusively through the platform My School and RTS Planeta platform and if this happens to be impossible to do, employees who are obliged to work overtime from their homes need to be paid additionally.
If these conditions are not met, we demand that lessons at school last 30 minutes because it is extremely exhausting for teachers to do double work. Also, if teachers and students stay longer in school, it is more probable they would get infected.


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