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In Serbia work from home is a forced option that emerged during the pandemic. However, as long as it is justified as a protection from infection, more and more employees think that employers expect them to be available all the time, says the President of the Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia Ljubisav Orbović for
He explains he is worried about whether work from home would become a new normal after the pandemic is over, adding it has already been proven that many people can do their job from their homes.
„Some employers have already estimated that it doesn’t pay off to pay for the lease of offices, their maintenance and this is all right for some jobs. Nevertheless, the fact that most employees do not have the possibility to separate business space in their apartments represents the problem, states Orbović.
„There is also a danger that employers won’t be willing to keep a part of jobs any longer, but will rather ask their employees to establish their own businesses so that they could cooperate in the future. This could cause huge problems for some employees because there are people who do their job well but lack entreprising spirit or are not capable of starting their own business. On the other hand, those having these skills will probably use this opportunity in the near future, concluded Orbović.
According to the latest estimates, a half of active working population in the world will continue working from home in 2021.


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