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As journalists were told by the Autonomous Trade Union in the company (affiliated to the CATUS), the fact that company asked for an additional leave for workers in Kragujevac factory, could mean they hoped the leave, which was supposed to last till May 18, might be prolonged almost till autumn.
Trade Union President, Zoran Marković, said that one of those days he expected an official company announcement, saying whether workers would come back to work the following week or their leave would be prolonged. Having in mind current developments of the pandemic and the unstable epidemiologic situation around Europe, he said that a prolongation of the paid leave was a more probable alternative. He explained the Kragujevac car producer asked the Ministry of Labour for the approval of additional 80 days paid leave, because the legally granted 45 days leave had already been used up.
“We think that through these additional days the company wants to cover all possible work stoppages which might occur in the future, primarily due to the unstable situation with corona virus, but to the other reasons, too. We hope this new paid leave won’t be used in continuity, but will be intermittent and allow us to have working days in factory, as well “, said Marković.
Explaining that the additional 80 days paid leave, together with 15 days of the collective summer holiday, could cover a period lasting till September 30, he confirmed that the opinion of the Autonomous Trade Union, related to the submission of the request, was asked for.
Marković said that the union – having in mind the current situation with corona virus epidemic and the fact that the workers will receive a compensation for non-working days – responded positively to the management’s suggestion.


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