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The notorious South-Korean company producing spare parts for cars keeps on tirelessly violating Serbian labour and sanitary legislation. Although they are back to work after a short industrial action, workers are still dissatisfied.
In spite of the strict sanitary and hygienic rules issued by the City of Nis Crisis Headquarter, which stipulate a maximum of 50 workers per 5,000 square meters and a minimum distance of 2 meters among them, the employer is stubbornly massing people in a narrow and airless space. The shop-stewards have counted 500 instead of 110 workers permitted in the shift. That was done intentionally on weekend , as on these days the Labour Inspection usually rests.
A special problem has surged with the transport of workers, as the company has done little to safeguard their health in heavy times of COVID-19 epidemic. Distances stipulated by the authorities cannot be respected on buses, where people are transported “as pressed as sardines in a fish can”. It’s understandable when one has in mind that buses are few and workers too many.
The most recent story is the one related to the Labour Inspection. A service that once upon a time was highly respected and feared, was postponing its arrival to the factory and, then, after finally coming, checking workers’ grievances and making a report, left declaring they had found no violation of rules. The report’s arrival to the trade union premises is still pending.
It’s quite logical that in a situation where workers are constantly blackmailed by threats of dismissal, such perfect combination of Neoliberals in power, Far-East capitalist tyrants and sluggish Labour Inspection must end up in a violation of basic rights and monstrous super-exploitation.


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