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The epidemic of corona virus is a challenge for all countries, governments, employers and workers.
In fact, it is a challenge for all humankind, and in this fight against the invisible enemy we can win only if we are united, in solidarity and mutual responsibility.
Throughout the history, workers have always been at the front line. Both when they carried guns or helped rebuild what had been destroyed.
Then, as well as nowadays, their health and lives have been in jeopardy.
Employers know that employees are those who manufacture products and render services, develop economies, build countries and create profit while working often overtime and for inadequate wages. They also know they are always ready to show patience when confronted with problems, difficulties and operating delays, as well as with increased work load and employer’s extra claims.
Now is the right moment for employers to show how much they appreciate the employees and their contribution to the well-being of the employers’ class.
That is why we appeal to Serbian Employers’ Association, Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, NALED, Foreign Investors’ Council, American Chamber of Commerce, as well as to all other employers’ associations, business entities and their members and ask them to understand that in order to win and recover we need, more than ever, mutual understanding and joint action.
We are confronted with a dangerous common enemy who doesn’t choose victims following the criteria such as account balance, real-estate or social position.
We ask you to appeal to your members – employers, managers, owners and directors, small and big entrepreneurs, not to lay off workers, but to show them due appreciation and gratitude for past contribution and everything they will still do when danger is gone! Help them keep themselves and their families healthy, guarantee them they won’t be laid off and will get their wages regularly and unreduced!
Let’s all together help mothers with small children, let’s free them of work and allow them to stay at home and take care of their children.
Our population is getting increasingly smaller, so let this be a joint contribution to our country’s struggle for increased birthrate, which is the only thing guaranteeing the survival and future of Serbia.
When the epidemic which endangers the whole nation’s health is over, the Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia will appeal to employees to make up for all damage caused by the stoppage of economic activities, contribute to the entire society’s efforts and help rebuild everything that has been destroyed during the current crisis.
Be sure that your employees and the citizens of Serbia are capable of doing it – and they will.


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