Thursday, May 23, 2024

Huge number of work permits issued to foreign workers in 2023

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Last year 50,000 work permits were issued to foreign workers. The majority of those workers come from Russian Federation.
According to the data of the Ministry of Labour, Veteran and Social Affairs from January 1 to December 20, 2023, the overall amount of 50,397 work permits were issued to foreign workers.
According to the countries that these workers come from, the numbers of work permits are the following: Russia 19,645 (5,375 women); China 10,98 (1,071 women); Turkey 4,946 (132 women); India 4,914 (59 women); Nepal 1,074 (243 women).
There aren’t official records of the jobs that foreign workers do in Serbia, but it is assumed that most of them work on construction sites, fruit and vegetable plantations, organic food stands, as well as they drive buses and perform other types of jobs.


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