All workers of the service company Sloboda from Čačak came back to work. From now on this factory continues its complete production which was interrupted because of a huge explosion that happened on the shop floor, says the Autonomous Trade Union. Around 410 workers of Sloboda who are employed in the pyrotechnics department start working today while others started working last Thursday.
Company Sloboda employs 2,000 people.
For the past couple of days specialized demining units from the Military Maintenance Center from Kragujevac have been working on destroying unexploded grenades in the vicinity of the factory.
In June in the company Sloboda two hazardous events took place. The first one on June 4 when the warehouse of ready-made goods exploded and the second one 15 days later when the same happened to the warehouse of gunpowder.
In those two explosions huge material damage was done and upon the second explosion three workers were injured, residential area around the factory was affected and about 150 people living in the area were evacuated.
The causes of the explosion are still unknown and the First-Instance Prosecutor’s Office confirms that the investigation is underway.


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