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Wages in Serbia could be higher if the employers were ready to share a part of their profit with the employees, said Orbovic on the occasion of the World Day of Decent Work celebration in Belgrade.
Part of his analysis was dedicated to the rhythm of growth of workers’ and employers’ income showing a highly disturbing trend. Namely, in last five years the wages have increased by 22% and the profits by 285%! Even in 2016, the year with rather meager economic results, the same ratio remained, as the salaries had grown by only 1.09% and profits by 99.52%.
The slow but constant growth of Serbian GDP shows that our workers, who are well trained and do their job well, considerably contribute to their employers’ profits. Therefore, there is no reason why they should not get a part of the money that goes to employers’ pockets. Especially if we have in mind that in times of crises most of them faithfully share the companies’ fate and are ready to work for a minimum wage. However, when the times get better, the companies start working and their owners acquiring high profits, the workers are usually forgotten and their wages remain much the same.
While in the EU the standard of living is rated by the value of the consumer basket, in Serbia, besides the “normal” basket we also have the so called “minimum” one, whose content is hardly enough for one’s survival. Still, our minimum wage does not reach even that poor basket, the former being 20% less than the latter”, said Orbovic.
He also mentioned the fact that in spite of the tripartite Program of Decent Work, adopted last year through the mediation of the ILO, Serbian employees are still far from enjoying its effects. “I hope, however, that in the years to come their salaries will enable them to live decently. Until then, the CATUS will keep on fighting for the realization of that objective and the respect of labour rights”, concluded Orbovic.


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