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Association of Pensioners’ Trade Unions of Serbia sent an appeal to the Government representatives and line ministries to stop further sales of Serbian spas and rehabilitation centers that were mostly built with the money paid for the contributions of today’s pensioners i.e. employees at the time. As they say in the letter sent to the line ministries of labour, tourism, finance, economy, the sales of specialized hospitals should be stopped and re-examined because their transfer into private ownership would considerably hinder treatment and recovery.
The sales of Mataruška and Bogutovačka Spas happened at the time of corona pandemic when the health system of Serbia showed its full vitality and through further privatization the state will put at risk the purpose of these facilities. New owner could give up its health service if it brought less profit than the expected.
In the Association they think that the sales of spas without the vision of a long-term development of spa tourism isn’t the same as the sales of an entreprise because it’s got a broader and far-reaching effects and that’s why the purpose and the aim due to which these spas were built must not be disregarded. Furthermore, the Pension Fund is deprived of its property, which is an additional reason to prevent the sales.
– We are aware that after having returned spas into the ownership of the Pension Fund through court decisions, they will still be in a bad state as they have lost their value. That is why huge investments, which cannot be obtained without private capital, are necessary for their revitalization. However, there is also the possibility to keep their basic purpose by choosing adequate privatization model. Since spas represent natural resource which is still wholesome and has a potential to develop local communities, it would be a waste to give up managing them.
Not only does this problem interest pensioners, but it surely interests all employees who are paying their contributions into the Pension Fund. Also, after having conducted a detailed analysis of the sales, the Anti-Corruption Council stated there were numerous mistakes and violations of law. It suggested that the sales should be stopped and in cases, where there were violations of law, privatization should be annulled.


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